We offer FREE engraving monogram or logo on all our products. The personification of a gift giving additional value and makes it truly unique. Within our stores carve, SPOT, monograms on all our leather goods in gold or silver.


Handmade, traditional calligraphy with fountain pen is a true gem on an envelope. The choice of font and ink color is yours.

ECO Print

Paper etching. A unique printing process developed by TYPE CENTER S.A., with limitless applications and impressive results.



We are passionate about original materials like paper, linen, croco, satin, cotton, silk and many more. After all, the material is what makes the difference between an indifferent form and a really special one. There are many factors to consider before choosing a material. Its color, its texture, its weight, the printing techniques that will be used and finally its properties.
Our knowledge of the properties of each paper ensures a perfect result with no compromise. Most of the materials we will suggest to you are qualities that can only be found in Type Center stores.